Recovering the "good stuff" from vape carts?


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Nov 10, 2021
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Cape Girardeau, Mo.
I have seen a few videos on how to recover the leftover vape juice on Youtube. I've collected a whole bunch of carts, cut them open. Used a hobby heat gun to get some of the juice to ooze out onto a metal saucer. As soon as that was thick enough, we put it in a wax/sugar vape pen. Works great.

But I see more juice just too thick to come out. So as many videos show, I soaked them in rubbing alcohol until clean. Now I'm trying to evaporate the brownish liquid. I know if it gets too hot I'll degrade the good stuff. What temp do I need to get this up to? My electric stove has a "warming" burner. I've probably 2 ounces of liquid I've got to thicken. Suggestions?

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