rough handling bud?


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Feb 20, 2011
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I read that trichomes can be damaged by handling them, thus effecting thc content. I have been snipping the buds from the stem and trimming the leaves, and then I put them in an open box lid to dry all on harvest day. Every so often i turn the buds by hand. If i dry inside it usually takes about 3 days for the buds to fully dry, i then put them in jars to cure. From reading I get the idea that i am touching the buds too much, and that it should take longer to dry. Whats the deal? Should I leave the bud on stem to dry, and touch as little as possibe? I would like to hear about different methods people use on here. THG how do you dry and cure?

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Oct 28, 2007
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If i dry inside it usually takes about 3 days for the buds to fully dry, i then put them in jars to cure.
Temperature, humidity, air flow, and size of buds can affect drying time.

I would like to hear about different methods people use on here
If I remember accurately, when I harvested I cut the main stem from the base, leaving all branches and leaves on while drying (~3 weeks). Once dry to the point where smaller stems snapped instead of bending, I cut the branches and put them into large freezer bags to cure (~2 months). At first I vented bags every day, then progressively increased interval between venting. Once cured, I held branch from base and snipped off buds and leaves. Smaller leaves on buds were removed by hand.


I hang for 2-4 days depending on temp and humidity then i jar it and open the lid to allow fresh air in daily.
There is a thread by nvthis on curing, see if you can find it. I just looked and can't, but i will continue as it is good.


It has so much to do with the enviroment of your living space that it is hard to say but.......

i hang for 4-7 days, i then bag them in 2 gallon zip lock baggies for 24-36 hours then hang again for 24 hrs and then jar, but it goes by feel dependent on your enviroment.


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Mar 26, 2011
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I have found for mine, it works best if I trim all of the fan leaves before cutting the branches away from the main stem. Then I to my trimming while everything is still standing out good. I then lay mine on a drying screen that I made(hanging whole stems with buds is better). I dry them for a bout 7-10 days, turning them once a day. once they "feel" dry enough, I take them and cut the stems to fit inside my drying jars. I don't cut the bud away from the stems as that would require a lot of handling that would knock off a lot of trics. I don't separate them until its time to smoke.


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Oct 1, 2008
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Trim whole plant, hang whole plant for 4-7 days. Once dry trim buds off of whole plant and jar. burp daily, then weekly, then monthly. IMO more trics are damaged and/or removed once the buds have dried.

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I pretty much do like Rosebud. I trim all the large leaves off the plant. I then cut off and trim manageable sized branches. I trim virtually all the leaf material off the bud that I can. I have a fly tying thingy with 2 alligator clips that I utilize sometimes when my hands are really hurting. I can clip the stem to the assembly and can trim without touching the bud except to turn it. I then hang the buds for 2-5 days (it is arid here) until the stems snap and then jar into mason jars. The jars are opened several times a day at first, tapering off as the buds dry completely. Just by looking at my jars, you can see how much trich material is left behind. This is one of the reasons that I do not use plastic bags or lay on screens. Every so often, the jars get scraped down and I have some might pure and fine hash to smoke.

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