Rumor about me being races!

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Apr 19, 2005
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"That" probably served to confuse, as much as 'clears it up' anything.
I don't think we need to concern ourselves with things that transpire on other forums.
"We are concerned with your actions here" far as membership goes. Past and present.


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May 22, 2006
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Reguardless man, I'm not trying to argue you with you or anything, but in all your posts it seems like in some way or another you seem to be trying to start something up. . Like forum drama or something? Just come here, relax, escape the real world for a bit and talk to fellow smokers. If you have an opinion that is going to cause controversy, just don't bring it up, man. It's not worth it. It just kind of hurts our 'community' where I think everyone just wants to get along and have a good time talking or helping others out or even seeking help. Once again, I'm not trying to stir anything up, and this may be causing drama here if you take this the wrong way causing me to be hipicritical. . But, I'm really not trying to start an argument, I'm just trying to help you come to this forum and have a good time and escape the drama of the world, rather than come here and cause some. Just have a good time, bro, but at the same time, don't say things that others don't want to hear.


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May 27, 2006
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This reminds me of this guy that always would smoke really good herbs with me, but everytime I wound up getting trapped in these in-depth conversations about shit that I REALLY didnt care to hear..kinda defeated the purpose of the ritual you know?

Stoney Bud

Kindbud said:
Just to clear this up that happened on
I was simply saying that I (Again My opinion) think it is wrong
for a Black guy or girl to go out or marry! Or Have a baby with
a white guy or girl!! This was blown way out of proportion! That
it is saying that I am a races and junk! No Way I have some black
friends!!! And I was just saying! Well I Hope this clears it up
(NOTE: I edited I messed up on something up top)
I have no idea what prompted you to tell those folks about your opinion of interracial marriage, but the entire subject is inappropriate for an Internet group about Marijuana.

A post like that will never fail to gain instant and negative comment from almost the entire known world man.

You're certainly allowed to have your opinion, but that opinion is SO unpopular, that it truly should be kept within the confines of your mind.

It ranks right up there with a pedophile coming into the group and saying that having sex with children is ok. You probably don't like that comparison, but it's as outlandish as what you've said.

You may want to re-examine your thinking to include disregarding the pigmentation of another persons skin when judging them. In this day and age, it marks you as being ignorant and uneducated, rightfully so.

Much more has circulated about that incident in "Homegrownbud", including many very racist remarks that were made.

We've all heard your opinion on the subject now and I'm sure that the vast majority of members would suggest the same course of action to you.

Education about and tolerance of others is a must in today's world society. Please, for your own peace of mind, talk to your "Black friends" about this subject in depth. You'll be very surprised at their reaction to your opinion. I can't believe that they are aware of it and still regard you as a friend.

Good luck to you, and lets keep the subject of the likes and dislikes about races out of this group. This is a group of people from all around the world who are interested in using and growing marijuana. That should be the most serious subject on the group.




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Mar 5, 2006
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I can say for myself that i didn't hear anything about anything until you made this post... I don't wanna hear about why people think you're racist... I don't think the forum was made to accomedate drama... I prefer my smoke sessions drama free... and I'm usually smokin one when I'm on here... No one on here is makin you look guilty of anything, except for yourself.


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Mar 10, 2006
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Huh...who flippin' cares about you anyhow? For all I care you could be married to a space alien, come back when you're ready to learn how to grow bud...till then take your "drama" somewhere else please.
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