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Oct 9, 2014
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So historically I have scrogged in a cabinet for the first number of years. Eventually I built a small growroom and had a screen mounted on a turnable scrog frame.

Well my new place is only 500 sq/ft. No room to grow inside. Last year I was having the itch and decided to toss a few seeds in to germinate and see what I could grow on my deck. I love to scrog, so how the heck to I do this outside and have my scrog portable?

I came up with the idea of mounting a screen directly onto a bucket. I had no idea this was going to change scrogging for me permanently. This setup offers multiple advantages

1. My scrog is portable
2. I can get to the underside of the canopy so easily now. Training is a breeze.
3. My screen is < 6 inches from the soil.

These shots were from last years grow. My only complaint is I actually need bigger screens :)

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