Skagit man beat to death for Home-grow



Just opened the morning paper, I might go puke, I'm so upset, I probably know the guy. Man it's a sick world. happened just a week ago downriver.


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Aug 30, 2008
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That suck but it is something we will be seeing more of, ppl are doing home envasions for pills and pot or anything else they can get high on, more and more. We see at least once a month where someone kicked in someone's door just to steal their pills or other drug just to get their fix. As long as ppl need a way to "get high" they will find a way to get their fix.

Dr. Manny Bowles

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Apr 4, 2008
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Dang, so sad. There are some very desperate people out there and the mentality is just to take, not make it for yourself. It's easier just to steal from others rather than just do for you and yours. Somebody willing to take it to the next level and kill a grower over some mj is a threat to society in so many ways. So scary.
I heard of a robbery in my area somewhat recently, nobody was hurt thankfully. I guess a truckload of guys pulled up with lots of guns, and raided this couple's grow barn while the couple watched helplessly from the house and said or did nothing. They didn't even call the cops.

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