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Aug 23, 2006
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Well, ive had these questions kina burning in the back of my mind for quite some time now, there nothing that important
but since i feel sorta comfortable asking them here, without looking too stupid i might as well ask em.

Question 1)
We all know weed comes in many shapes, and colors. some better than others, but when concerning colors I found that I enjoy Purple and White/silver colored weed than others like classic green and/or orangish.

Is there a profound difference between the colors?
for example
does Purple... make you feel "trippy" while orangish give a chill kina feeling?
and which contains more THC? White.... Right?

Ive never really... thought about it till now
i just know what types i like.

What type do you suggest, knowning that im new at growing ??? (still havent decieded if i want to er not) ?

Question 2)
Are Seeds really legal to buy on the net?
cause it doesnt really make sense to me if they where. (i shoulda put this one in the seed section i know... sorry)

and if they are, whats a site you guys have bought from, and know is reliable.

Question 3)
I want to try my hand at growing.
though, i live at home with my parental units. (but imonly 18 years old so its not as bad as it seems)
I know it may seem stupid, but i seriously have a very well hidden spot that i think i can place atleast three pots, and hopefully get some femails

should i grow?

Question 4)
If I did decieded to grow, and if i did it successfull but got Males, would i HAVE to throw them away....

is theres no possible way for me to use (males) or smoke them? at all?

it just seems like a waste of good hard work.


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Aug 12, 2006
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1.I doubt color has anything to do with it, but each strand has its own flavors, THC count, etc causing different highs....sativa is a head high as indicas are more of a couch lock.
2.illegal, you live in the good ole USA brutha..:)
3.try Dr. Chronic, seed boutique and nirvana...they seem to be the best overall chance for getting the seeds.
4.Males no good except for pollenating..I guess you could vape the stems and all, but I wouldnt smoke them.


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Jun 6, 2006
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1) no idea, Roor's answer seems to be on the money, there's a thread on easy to grow weed in the strains section. So far has been suggested Northern Lights, AK48 and anything crossed with Blueberry. I can add Superskunk to that as I've been abusing mine without any adverse effects. On some of the seedbank's websites they will indicate which strains are good for the beginner.
2) Not in the US, do you not have grow shops in California??
3) Is the spot outside? It will definately be noticed indoors.
4) I had to cut down two males, as we were out of weed I dried and smoked all but the fan leaves right at the bottom. I got stoned on it,it helps if you have a couple of beers too. You have to smoke a lot though and it will give you a cough. You're not going to notice any effects however if you're used to smoking high grade stuff.

But, as they say in the nightclubs if it's 5 minutes to closing time and you've not yet scored with a girl "any old port in a storm will do":)

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