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May 25, 2005
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If they have a few thousand $$ to spare.
Okay, build like say 6 small growroms, all identical, maybe 3' x 3', with 6 plants in each one, all from the same donor.
Then settle once and for all these debates:
Have 3 rooms on different light cycles--16/8, 18/6, & 24/0 and keep track of growth rates, yield and quality. All the plants would be from the same donor grown under identical conditions. See which one grows the best pot in the shortest amt of time.
Other experiments:
-Different styles i.e. soil, peat, DWC, areoponics, ebb n flo, NFT, again plants from the same donor.
-Stick a 400-watt HPS in one, a 600 HPS in another, and a 1,000 watter in a 3rd.
-One with augmented CO2, others with varing amt's of ventilation.
-Use different types of nutrients, inc. new products as they hit the market.
-SOG vs. individual plants.
-Best height before inducing flowering (max yield in a short time).

And keep copious notes.
Any volunteers?
Put that income-tax refund to good use.


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Aug 11, 2005
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:D i tell you what ganga i have 2 rooms already ,wouldnt be to hard to add on a 3rd .you donate your income tax refund and seeds and we will be in buisness next week lol. i already have 400 i will buy a 6 and a 800 and and all the other stuff with your money of course . and i will donate my time my electric bill for the rest . SO WE GOT A DEAL .:D

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