Sour D and Kush First West Coast outdoor grow


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Jun 26, 2011
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Hi there,
Just moved back to Cali and I'm growing my first plants here. Everything's legal and the whole thing is cruising right along, so far.... BUT, in my experience vegging is easy and things start to get challenging when the flowering kicks in (about 30 days from now, I estimate) so I'm paying a lot of attention to these girls. Welcoming any tips, feedback, and advice from anyone. On with the stats:

Started vegging indoors back in February and then moved out into light assisted room outdoors in april, when I put them into outside into their 200gl smart pots they were about 3.5ft. Been doing compost tea (humate, kelp, fish, rhizo, couple other things) and the Canna Terra line for about a month+, and now I've switched over to the General Organics line because Canna is so expensive. Using my friends fox farm from last year (cheap) mixed with a bit of compost and some newer soil that I bought. Fit them with cages just last weekend. When I feed or give tea I also give them just plain water from the hose at the same time, about 20 gallons for the big Sour Ds and ten each for the Kushes. I usually just alternate between to the two but sometimes I just give a shot of water if the soil is dried out and I'm not ready to feed/tea.

I grew Sour Diesel in a different climate a few times, but never huge plants like this, it's different, and there's a bit of a learning curve. I'm concerned about the lankiness of these plants... I have a feeling they could get over 10 feet tall (they're already 7 feet).

Thanks for stopping in, I'm glad to be able to share this!


here's one of the Sour Diesel plants. In the evening they start to sort of sag but it seems normal to be after a long day of standing up straight and growing

Post more pics later, connection is way slow :p


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Feb 22, 2011
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big girl there:holysheep: i think its about time for me to hit my smarties with the cages as well. girls r gonna start breaking soon


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Mar 26, 2011
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That is my kind of back yard right there.:hubba: That big girl is a beauty no doubt. She is going to be a beast b4 its all over.:eek: Having them in the giant bags I think will allow them to get big like that. It seems like the more room the roots have to spread out, the bigger the canopy will get. IMO, if yu want to keep the others smaller, yer gonna have to bind them up a bit.:farm: That big girl is gonna be somethin when she flowers:D


Mar 31, 2011
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I'm having a good time caring for this girl and her five sisters in 200gl bags.. They'll probably start flowering in two weeks and be anywhere from ten to fifteen ft tall before I start negotiating with them to lay down a little. :)

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