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Nov 3, 2014
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This is my first grow and also my first post here. I'm a newbie on this and need help and advice

Here (Istanbul, turkey) weed sucks, so I decided to grow my own.

After some research I bought super lemon haze seeds last month and 120W led light from ebay.

2014 Newest 120W LED Grow Light Bulb 1365PCS SMD RED+BLUE Hydroponics for Plants | eBay

But I didn't have it yet. So right now I'm using 2x23W CFL lights.

I have very limited budget, so please consider this for advices.

I have them in real small pots now (700ml). Bought 2 big containers,planning to change in 4-5thweek.

I don't have phMeter. Should I buy one?

After I use fertilizer first time 5 days ago, leaves turned to yellow but kept growing.. I waited to soil dry and watered again today with purified water. I took pics right after i water..

I bought soil from a local store. Same with this package..

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Aug 22, 2006
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Growing cannabis is not like growing veggies--it has very specific needs and want. It IS going to take a certain amount of money to set up an indoor grow and if you cannot meet minimum standards, your grow will show it. So maybe we should ask you first, what your budget is and we can tell you if a grow is even possible.

I am going to encourage that you read, read, read. The fact that you fed your plants so early tells us that you really need to bone-up on the dos and don'ts of growing cannabis.

I hope that I am not going to sound too harsh here, but some things are absolutely critical and some things are not. First of all, exactly what kind of soil did you plant your seeds in? I ask because it looks dense without good drainage properties. Cannabis needs to go through wet and dry cycles to thrive. If you did not start with organic soil, I am going to recommend flushing the babies and seeing if we an get them to recover.

Second, unfortunately, the light you have coming is not going to be nearly enough to take 2 plants to harvest, especially a haze. There is still a lot of over-hyping by salespeople on what LEDs will do. They continue (to their detriment, IMO) to give false and unrealistic coverage areas. Just to give you an idea, I am looking at a 700W to cover an area 32" x 32". I could go a bit smaller, but not much and still get adequate coverage. The CFLs you are using now are fine as the seedlings are so small. The LED you have coming will be okay for a few weeks and then after that you are going to need more light.

Next you need a dedicated space set up or you need to purchase a tent. You want to make the most of the light you have, so you are going to want a small space with reflective surfaces--FLAT white paint works very well and is inexpensive. Do not use foil--I would remove the foil from the trays you are using as drip trays. Foil does not reflect light well, it can create hot spots and you do not want light reflected to the undersides of the leaves.

You have burned your plants quite severely--to the point that they may not survive. This is denoted by the brown leaves. Small seedlings do not require any food for 2-3 weeks. So no more food. And when you do start feeding them, look for a fertilizer formulated for cannabis--a 2-2-2 is not really good for cannabis. Also vegging and flowering will require different nutes.

The strain you have purchased may give you some problems, too. The hazes are a more sativa strain and tend to grow tall and willowy. They will probably need some advanced training to keep them from getting out of control...but that will be down the road a bit.

Let us know your budget and your plans for a grow space. I will check out the link you provided, but we do need to know EXACTLY what you planted your seeds in. You are probably going to have to order some amendments like perlite to add to it.

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Sep 1, 2006
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Buy a quality digital pH meter, don't feed anymore for a while and read read read!!

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