The combination of art and glass bongs.

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Mar 9, 2022
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Our Glass - When glass is a work of art:

Glass art has been a part of humanity since it was discovered. Although there are thousands of years of glazed development history in China, glass art has become a greater part of our day to day lives, especially for marijuana enthusiast.


Glass artworks at the Dunhuang exhibition

More than 2,000 years ago, glass was shining in Chinese civilization, and it has the reputation of "colored glass" and "water jade". The people of the Song Dynasty called it "glass", which means purifying the mind and clarity, and sublimated it into a clear and flawless personality.


The glass bottle in "Sixteen Arhats" by Guanxiu of the Five Dynasties

They are tools, objects, and Zen.
In these transparent worlds, beauty also becomes another possibility.

When beauty meets bong:

In the transparent world, there are colorful, gorgeous, form and practical. Cloud-like shapes, spiral glass objects, and the experience of individual shapes. Although it is a glass product, it can bring a good experience on the taste.


Glass products like clouds ▲Threaded glass products

Glass bongs are smoking utensils but also very much art. They can elevate your experience, but also be aesthetically pleasing.


Workers make glass products with ingenuity

We put a lot of work into creating our glass so no matter which bong you choose, you can take pride in our finished product.

Please follow this link to see what we carry.
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▲Purple star glass products ▲Double jellyfish blue glass ▲heterosexual glass
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