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The day my plants almost died


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Oct 14, 2005
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Okay so I was late on the electric bill, well actually I went to pay it on the day it was going to be cut off and when I got there they had already turned it off!!! I was going crazy, all I could think about was my poor plants they in 3 hours when they shut it off. I went home and asked if we could go to my in-laws house to place my plants till moday which was 3 day away she agreed so we packed and took off. I had the big plant in the front and my lil bro Love+monkey had one in the back we started take off and deceided to take the back way when all of a sudden there was road block with one sheriff and DPS I freaked out and started to regret taking them out!!!!! When we got to the cops I covered the big plant with a sweater very carefully and the other wasn't visible the cop just flagged us by and didn't even check! I put the plants in this closet were I swear it was 105 degrees in there and bout 45% humidity I had 1 fan my HPS and thats it plus the AC of the was broken so it was hot as ****!!!! Another thing that pissed me off was that I had no choice but to feed my plant nuted water that had a pH level of 4.65 cause I had no way of correcting right away, AAAAHHHH! Then after like 3 hours later I get a phone call and it was the elec. company tell'n me that they made a mistake and that the power was turned on again, I was furious!!!! I had to pack up all my **** again and drive across town all over again. The important thing is that they are safely home and look better than they did a couple of days ago. That was shitty day!!!!!!



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