The Government's Sick War on Marijuana


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Oct 22, 2005
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USA -- Excuse me for a moment while I vent about the mind-boggling stupidity of the autocratic, bureaucratic, right-wing, Neanderthal numskulls who keep pushing an insane, inane, and inhumane holy war against marijuana – which is, after all, a weed.
The most embarrassing thing for these holy warriors is that the weed is winning! They've been at this war since 1937, spending billions and billions of our tax dollars, militarizing our borders, and stomping on our Bill of Rights.
They've used phone taps, garbage searches, jackbooted raids, and draconian prison terms to ... well, to do what? To nab peaceful, mellow tokers who aren't bothering anyone, that's what.
Despite 60 years of spending our money, they've failed: 85% of Americans say marijuana is easy to obtain today, a third of our population says they've tried it, nearly 15 million people partake of it at least monthly – and more high school students now smoke marijuana than cigarettes!
Meanwhile, the holy warriors have become more fanatical and thuggish than ever. A marijuana arrest is made every 41 seconds in America – nine out of 10 of them for mere possession. In 2004, 772,000 Americans were arrested on marijuana charges – more than for all violent crimes combined.
Even sicker, the sanctimonious weed warriors have made it a crime for thousands of seriously sick people to get the medical benefits of using small amounts of doctor-prescribed marijuana. Weirdly, our doctors can prescribe cocaine for patients – but not marijuana. Worse, drug thugs from the DEA and FBI bust down the doors of these patients, seize their dosages ... and haul them to jail.
For information and action to stop this absurd war, call the Marijuana Policy Project: 202/462-5747.
Source: Austin Chronicle (TX)
Author: Jim Hightower
Published: July 21, 2006
Copyright: 2006 Austin Chronicle Corp.


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Apr 19, 2005
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In 2004, 772,000 Americans were arrested on marijuana charges – more than for all violent crimes combined.

That stands to reason. Do you watch "Cops"?..they always say the same thing.."Our goal is for every one of us (officers) to go home safe at the end of shift."
What "safer" arrest than kicking down the door of an ill, debilitated, andor disabled citizen, probably stoned on the couch eatin' twinkies?
That has to be prefferable to confronting a paranoid crack/meth head, or an armed robber, or a violent woman beater, kidnapper, child molester, ect. ect.
Those arrests also justify more money to be allocated from the 'federal' gov's "War on Drugs" budget. Which in turn, provides an incentive.


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Jun 1, 2006
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Hick is right, they count arrests of drug users, not what kind of drugs and how much and the circumstances. If you go in the DOJ website and look up stats, you will find them all lumped into categories, not individual drugs, so the more busts they do the more money they get...bunch of crap...

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