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Just a Dawg
Jan 6, 2006
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I have been seeing tons of posts and aurguments on Law. I have a feeling that many don't exactly "keep track" of what is happening without public knowledge. I mean 100's of laws are being made or revised or something each day. I follow this place pretty close as well as a few others.Keep in mind interpretation is key and without Law school and can be confusing. I just watch and see the jist of the direction of our "elected" officials and there "decision" making. Which in the past years is getting really freaky. They only broadcast the big ones. but its all the hidden and minor laws that are changing that WE as a society don't notice. So if you feel bored, or concerned, or anything below is a very good link that keeps track. Just scratching the surface it is almost impossible for a US citizen NOT TO break the law.
Edit: One other thing, you have to be very very creative in your searching techniques.

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