The low odor thread.


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Mar 26, 2022
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I think the general concensus is that they all are going to smell at peak flower. I've always found that Sativas smell a little less than Indicas. Either one can be smelled across a Walmart when someone blazes one in their vehicle before they come in. That's why 90% of my weed gets turned into bubble hash, and weed is legal in my state. No sense in advertising that you're driving impared.

For some people, smoking is a relaxing event that takes place in the living room while watching TV. Sadly, for me I don't have the luxury to smoke or grow in the open, I need to hide everything. Low odor strains makes my sneaky lifestyle much easier!

When I trim buds, I'm usually in my house with my family. I need buds that I can take out of the glass without alerting the neighborhood with stink. Little things like this are a big deal for me, in fact close to show-stoppers. I really enjoy this hobby but the sneaking/hiding is getting old fast. Yes, week's 7-10 in flower with Northern Lights did have an odor and it was a very nervous time. I buy incense in bulk now, its the only way I can get through the risky flower weeks.

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