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If you Rib-it It gets Bigger
Aug 6, 2020
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Morning OFC.

Roster, I haven't noticed you posting all that much......what do you mean?
I have a trend to over post my thoughts and blowing up the notifications on people Cphones
Tends to get people a lil pissed . Wanted to make sure that was not happening.
We are Good..............
See the source image

Tattered Old Graywolf

Acolyte in training
Sep 18, 2020
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Rip City
Wolf, I wish they'd shown the business end of the brief case. It has a slot for a business card that covers the hole for the bullets to come out. Until you pulled the trigger, no one would know. If you ever see a business card holder on a brief case in the hands of some dude walking toward you, you've got a few seconds to figure out who you pissed off.
The OSS developed the 22 rimfire assassination pieces to fire point blank into the the brain stem to destroy it and then rattle around inside the brainpan. Less sure of a fast kill anyplace else.

Call me paranoid, but I will definitely take note of someone carrying a briefcase, with a card on the outside upper end, maneuvering it to make point blank contact with my brainstem for a shot.

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