the orignal nutrient


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Nov 7, 2008
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Never seen it before bro. Good to see you back.


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Aug 6, 2020
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What you do guys think about this at $100 a litter
Did you notice any difference with usin it?

The ORIGINAL Rapid Flower + Hardener has a newly designed label but with the same great nutrient that you rely on for massive yields.

This formulation is guaranteed to deliver results that can't be replicated by other products. The results will blow you away when used as directed, you will see a massive increase in plant matter & flower production. Without sacrificing genetic profiles, terpene production, oil and resin. Original will deliver the best yields you've ever had and change the game for your garden. Our growers have been reporting results normally seen at days 45 by day 30.


Shake well before use.

Hydroponic Recirculating & Run to Waste Systems:

Turn plants to flower for 5 to 7 days. Once plants have reached your desired height then apply "ORIGINAL" for 5-7 days. To induce a rapid onset of flowering apply "ORIGINAL" at the rate of 1-4 mL per gallon of made up nutrient solution.

Adjust TDS/PPM accordingly.

If you need to mix a new batch of nutrient solution during this 7 day period re-dose again with "ORIGINAL". Flush your system with fresh water after this 7 day period has ended and then return to your regular nutrient feeding program.

If you wish to harden your flowers even further repeat the above application rate for week 6 & 7 of your flowering cycle. These longer applications at lower dosages will provide a more uniform effect over the entire plant. This late application will also increases your final weight.


For hydroponics, use during week two of flowering for 1 week, and during weeks six and seven.
For soil/coco media use during week two of flowering and then flush the medium.


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Feb 20, 2021
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$100 a litter....I think I will stay with my cheap AN line.
Since I have been around that AN stuff, I have had the best results so far. Lots to try there, only used Sensi as Base nutes, plus a bunch of their additives. You were the one that put me on it, and there is that huge nute study on the indoor forum, one of the several studies involved the sensi line and had good things to say.

Previously I have used GH trio, and the Nukeheads flower power set. All of them worked well, but for my deal this stuff works well. I can put the same nutes, same dose of up and get 6.6-7.0 on the nose with RO water from my tap. My straight RO is around 6.4 and is great to use as is for watering, which is straight RO water. Cal Mag is in with the nutes, and is AN brand also.

Sitting in the jug, I think this stuff begins to "work" or ferment or something, next day there are bubbles sitting on he surface. I dont see it bubbling, but they are there. This is on OF soil. I know you use soilless and the AN Connoisseur line, or did at one time. Good stuff! Obviously most any decent nutes can give great results if used and tweeked right, but this stuff seems made for the process I have used for a while, nobody is complaining I have implemented it with.


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