the pickle bucket sytem


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Apr 15, 2006
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the pickle bucket system may help those with a limited space to grow.. basicaly you take 2 (5-6 gallon pickle buckets) one with the bottom removed and both with 10 or so holes( for a total of 20) drilled around the buckets for heat control. the one with the bottom removed becomes the top that will house the light( i use a 65 watt florex compact floresent) its flipped upside down.. the bottom bucket can fit about 4( 1# 14 oz choclate instant mix( my recycling effort)) you could get away with 2 plants in each container for a total of 8 i just use this system for veg but could be adapted for flowering just more buckets stacked to accomodate for height. no camera so no pics for a couple of months to show.. my flowering chamber is a suped up phototron with the top cut off and a 70 watt hps takes its place


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Mar 4, 2006
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sounds like a pretty good idea, except that you might want to think about having only one plant per pot. its usually not good to have more than one, and it makes transplanting pretty near impossible. just a thought

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