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Mar 25, 2006
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i am planing on putting my plants od sometime this week. i would kind of like to explain what i am planning on doing and then take any suggestions that the experts may have. i have grown od before a few years ago but never to the degree i plan on this year.

my plants are 2 months old and a foot and a half tall. i am going to did a 3' X 3' hole replacing half of the soil with FF soil then with the other half of dug up soil i am going to add:

earthworm castings
bat guano

dose anyone have any other ingredents that they have added and had good luck with?

what about keeping pests (deer, rabits ect.) away from my plants? i have used bar soap in the past with good results.

should i protect my plants with some type of bug spray right away? if so what has worked for you in the past. i am growing in the midwest so i have midwest bugs to worry about. (aphids, thc worms, snails, catapillers)

just wanted to get one last post in before i put them od and have one of those, i wish i could have moments. any other information any one would like to share about my up coming planting please share. i am like a spunge right now.


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Apr 19, 2005
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hi o' luck OD.
I suggest, if possible without giving up your stealth, to protect them with chicken wire/poultry fenceing. At least untill they are well established. I've found that a lota' critters 'seek and destroy' that young, green, tender vegetation. At point of transplant, they are prone to total destruction. If a critter comes along and takes a bite now, most likelt it will uproot and kill it. Once established, however, I've had them eaten off a few inches above the ground, and often still survive and produce something.
Though I have used "smelly girl soap" ;) as a deterant, I have had them become accustomed to aromatic deterants, renderring them less effective. A ploy that I like when this happens, is to tie monifilant(sp) fishing line between trees/bushes. Not to be used as a fence per say, but afix it so that when they bump into it here<---, it rustles a bush/causes movement over there--->. This seems most effective in close, tight areas.
Dog crap, human feces/odors, and commercial products like "Deer Away" or Liquid Fence" are pretty good too.