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The "Shortest Path of Lesser Transformation"

Discussion in 'Smoking & Vaporizing Devices' started by Egzoset, Jan 11, 2019 at 10:14 AM.

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    Oct 1, 2018
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    Somehow it felt appropriate for this dedicated thread to reflect background previously mentioned in my initial "Introduce Yourself" post of October 2018, and more precisely this part below.

    At least that's a creative way to celebrate my 8th anniversary as vaporist, which occurs next month on February 15.

    Here's my 2011 initiation tool (shown right) besides a customized VaporGenie pipe (for example my Sherlock Bronze on left) which i started to "tweak" a couple years later:

    Eventually it became obvious the table device's main issue(s) resulted from it's "Release/Transport Agent" failing to provide Inlet Water, which VG's clean-burning butane supplied in the corona, although a yellow flame was suggested - and that's yet another conceptual error because blue flames actually translate as a cleaner fire.

    But all VG spheres are made of wood and their relatively long Flame Catcher (+ Monobloc) path would tend to cause self-extinguishing from the accumulated hot exhaust gases of blue flames anyway... By chance my Hybrid Core allowed such a reconfiguration of the consumption method & ritual it now makes a lot more sense just to have full-metal tops, thanks to "Micro-Bursting":

    No more wood burning, not to mention the smell and taste! Plus, considering that delivery of more energy in less time appears to be the key of aroma/taste appreciation it's simply convenient to adopt full-metal tops for POWER "Micro-Bursting" missions, using twin or maybe even triple blue flame torches...


    As always in "Plan-B" my trick is to exploit thermalization delays in dynamic impulse scenarios (rather than slow/static à la Volcano/Arizer): large metal masses don't have time to over-heat when pre-heating has been trimmed down this much. A pulse-mode consumption method as mine implies that the energy "packet" 1st meets tiny features of contact-surfaces then depletes before damage is done, significantly reducing the "Baking" effect of slow/thermostatic scenarios as a bonus; i've even come to conclude it avoids a "CHEAT" from boosting cloud opacity with not-so-noble volatile molecules infusing from less specialized vegetal tissue, far from trichome-only near-perfection.


    There were days when i got skin-burning Flame-Catcher rings on VG wood tops while this recent alternative already proved viable after a week. In all honesty i'm crossing fingers as i sustain optimistic hopes for evaluating brass instead, because the denser metal would further improve protection by sucking even more excess heat away, so to speak.

    In any case the change of top/sphere material feels clearly beneficial after implementation of a LAVA core where distance between a Heat Charge and its WorkLoad is absolutely minimal, in a modular KISS design which constitutes a challenge in itself.


    Bags are a no-go, the Super-Solo setup kills aroma/taste fast and despite a bowl that's ~3 times the weight; only the customized VG pipe can offer the sort of performance i currently enjoy on such a tiny bowl/energy budget, but don't take my word for it - YMMV.


    Good day, have fun!! :D

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