"THE" Ultimate pest!



one more thing; if you are a commercial outdoor grower then like several i know in this area, this IS their job. they plant then watch and secure the sites, living in the area. usually on land that has no trespassing and no hunting signs posted. they stop people, using these signs as reasons to turn people away. and they are usually armed with radio's and weapons within reach. in the fall they start the harvest which could take several weeks, this is big business hereabouts. im small and so are my friends, but we know "the rules". you dont need traps and pitfalls or dogs, just yerself in the general area. like i said be smart. tell peeps your a mushroom picker if asked. but watch the perimeter and stay away from the site.


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Jul 26, 2006
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As far as my experience leads.....continuous care pays!
Put out a crop & come back in 3 months, get kife.
The site needs to visited every 3 days. I hit the furts every 3 days & the od laps it up. If I was to leave them "to do their own thing"....i'd lose at least 1/4 yield.
Think about it??????


you give your outdoor grows ferts? every 3 days? you are gonna get popped, i can see why you are paranoid. hairs on yer neck rising when your there, like some1 watching you? they probably are. good luck. you must have a well beaten path right to the grow now eh? every 3 days......

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