Tiresias mist experiences please!


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Aug 22, 2019
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Have come accross what i pressume is a colloidal silver 'type' product that allows for forcing females to produces pollen.

Well the whys n wherefores aside for a moment, and call it idle curiosity at what bizzare cross strains that could be created without the space, time energy and money that seedbanks use to arrive at same place with a cross strain.
The process appears to be simple enough and I would love to hear a couple experiences from people who have used it, regardless of success or not.
Can i use this to 'Tiresias mist' to create my own strains to name as i choose?!.
Thanks in advance.


It's called "Selfing" -- There will be little or no variations -- U really not changing the genetics at all - U want your own stuff U gotta breed it !-- Down here in Texas prohibition is alive and well -- A grower is like a feather in the cap of a law dog -- They hunt us !-- Things are beginning to change but slowly -- I had access to some fine genetics and I started crossing the best with the best and kinda went my own way !-- I bred a lot of what I grow now -- Not only am I gonna survive prohibition-- I'll be driving a team of my own monsters up out the belly of the prohibition beast --Born and bred with the jack boot of prohibition on my throat and the threat of jail ever present !--I did good !
It's not about breeding a variety that I do !-- For me it's the dream of exclusive control of a highly desirable plant --
Not doing the breeding for anyone but me !-- I'm not locked into only growing what I breed either -I want the best I can lay hands on whether I breed it or not !--- About half of it others bred --Dank is alive and well down Texas way !
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