To clone or not to clone, that is the question


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Nov 4, 2021
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Virginia Beach
Yep , I use them both

the Spinosad I start very early in the season , when plants are about a foot tall..then I spray again about every 2-3 weeks right up to about 30 days before harvest

i only use the Pyganic if I see aphids or any other bad bug and I stop using it about 30 days from harvest , gives it time to off gas or wash off with the rain

with a 30 day cushion , I fell pretty safe about smoking the buds and have not noticed any funky tastes at all
I’ll make sure to get some as the plant eaters are abundant here. I’ve only lived here for a bit over a year and am just getting use to it. I have outdoor square foot garden spaces and share my veggie yield with the caterpillars and rabbits I try to grow as organic as I can but did use some sevin on some of my veggies last year

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