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Apr 18, 2014
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This is what happens when the plants are too close to a light that is too bright. If this keeps up, I'll switch to a 600w bulb for a while. So far, it's been isolated.

These plants simply got too tall for my room.

It's called Light Bleaching. The white area is supposed to be lacking in trics but I looked at it under the scope and they are still packed with trics.

Just an FYI. It's not something you see often.

Here is what I read about it...

Light Bleaching
Light bleaching is most common with high-power LEDs, but can also happen to highly-ventilated HPS lights that are kept too close to the tops of the plants. Basically, this is what happens when plants get too much light, kinda like how hair on top of your head can turn lighter if you spend plenty of time in the sun.

Buds which have been bleached tend to be low potency or even have no potency (no available THC or other cannabinoids). Therefore you should avoid light-bleaching your plants at all costs!

Sometimes light-bleached cannabis will get mis-labeled as “albino cannabis” or “white cannabis” but the truth is that the white color is not healthy, so this is not a desirable trait (even if it looks pretty cool).
Solution: If your marijuana plants are getting too much light, try removing some of the lights or moving your grow lights further away from the tops of the plants.
It is unlikely for your plants to get "light-burned" from the sun when growing outdoors, and they definitely can't accidentally grow into the sun. Outdoor plants can show signs of light stress if plants were used to shady conditions and moved into direct sunlight without time to get accustomed to the brigher light levels.
When making changes to your plant's environment, it's best to make changes slowly if possible. Slow gradual changes are best for preventing stress when growing indoors or outdoors.
Sometimes heat stress can look like light stress. When learning how to grow cannabis, it's best to try to keep things at a comfortable temperature at all times for optimal growth. If it's too hot for you, it's probably too hot for your plants. Outdoors, things can be a bit harder, but there are steps you can take to protect your outdoor plants from the heat. Learn more about cannabis heat stress.

Leaf Color:
Edges Appear Brown or Burnt
Pale Color Leaves

Leaf Symptoms:
Upper Leaves / Newer Growth Affected
Leaf Edges Appear Burnt
Leaves Curl Upwards
Wilting / Drooping

Plant Symptoms:
Leaves Curl Upwards
Plant Wilting / Drooping

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