transporting clones


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Mar 25, 2006
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i was wondering what is the best way to transport clones from one spot to another spot 2 hours away? i have been told everything form its not a good idea to transport unrooted clones to just put them in a glass with water and they will stay good for days (in a frig).

just checking to see if i have the rest of this cloning thing right:

cut clone at a 45 degree angle
dip in rooting gel
put in rooting plug in a dome
spray clones and dome so that it is moist all of the time
give them fresh air mutiple times a day
i have a 2' high output florsent light i am going to use
hanging it about 8" to 12" from the top of the dome
keeping the dome at about 75 to 80 degrees

dose this sound good?

i have herd of cutting little slices in the stem you will be dipping in the gel to promote root groth. any one do this.

also should i keep the light on 24 till they root?

thanks for all the help


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Mar 29, 2006
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I don't cut slices in them but you can kind of drag a sharp edge across the part that will go into the plug, they call this "scarring" or "skinning", I have done it both with and without and can't really say if it helps or not, the idea is an open area for the clone to **** up some water.
Don't keep them too wet in the dome, moist is good, too wet is bad.
The light can be an inch or two away from the top of the dome, especially with a regular double flouro. fixture.
24 till they root is right.
As long as you put them right into water when you cut them you can stash them in a cup or somethinig and haul with them, if you can, take them a little long so you can cut them again when you are gonna put them in the plug, just take a little bit off the end to open it back up.