UK: Cannabis found at "Hermit's Home"


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Oct 22, 2005
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[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Thursday 18 May 2006

Forty-nine cannabis plants with an estimated yield worth £889 were found
when police raided the South Park home of Jacobstow man Peter Wintle.

Wintle, 54, who was described by his solicitor as "a very easy target
for police", pleaded guilty to cultivating the class C drug when he
appeared before Bodmin Magistrates. He was fined £120 with £42 costs.

Prosecutor Suzanne Nicholas said police had gone to Wintle's address on
March 13 and found a window blacked out in a rear bedroom. There was the
smell of fresh cannabis and officers sezied 49 plants in various stages
of maturity from different rooms as well as growing paraphernalia. On
arrest Wintle told police he had been a cannabis user all his life and
would continue to grow it.

Chris Andrews, defending, said Wintle rarely went out and "leads the
life of a hermit".

He smoked the drug in his own home as it helped his state of mind and he
had used it since the age of 19.

The police knew he grew cannabis and he had become a "very easy target"
for them.

There was no question he had ever given the drug to anyone and it was
"nonsense" to suggest the plants had a potential yield of £889 as only
12 had been mature.

Wintle denied saying to officers he would continue to grow the drug.



49 plants for personal use?

I think £160 fine is lenient

I live in the UK and have about 25 plants, I hope all growers get such an easy let off


Poor old dude. Like they really needed to bust him. Christ the old man was growing for his own head. *** is the world coming to.

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