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Sep 1, 2021
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Alicante, Spain
Seasoned growers know that if you need to pack a grow room with great genetics and not spend a fortune, you go for seed mixes! This time around, we’ve decided to make our own mix packs even more affordable.

From 00:00 July 19th to 00:00 July 26th (PST), you can get any mix pack from Herbies Seeds with a discount of up to 35%. Seeds in mix packs are already cheaper than the same strains bought separately, and this discount brings the prices per seed to an all-time low. Pay less – grow more!

Every mix pack from Herbies Seeds has a distinctive feature to it and contains three individually-labeled veils with five seeds divided by strain, making a total of 15 seeds.

Make sure to check them all out here and get your favorites with a discount while they’re still available! Plus, as always, during the sale week, the rest of our bonuses and deals remain active. Combine them to make the most profit out of this purchase!


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