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Updates on deficient plants


Jul 2, 2020
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Hello again!

A week or two ago I came here with the problem of a super deficient plants. After much advice I set up a nutrient feeding and then CalMag water cycle as they were just on plain water previously.

The plant seems to have recovered as I haven't seen any of the new leaves get yellowed or grow spots.

I am concerned however, as some of the upper leaves have now started curling and the spots seem to be getting more pronounced?

I apply my feeds as per the feeding schedule of Green Planets Dual Fuel. It goes in at 6.5 pH with a runoff of 5.5 or so which I think is a massive drop. I have never flushed my plants as I don't believe I have nutrient lockout, so I am not sure if I should be too worried. Any advice would be appreciated.

Tent is conditioned to 22-25° C and 40 - 50% humidity so conditions are fine.

I am on a 24 hour light schedule currently due to previous advice.

On the second plant my question is should I look at trimming soon? About 5 days ago I FIM'd it and it has just exploded with new growth. It seems to also suffer with the runoff being 5.5 pH or so.

First plant -




Second plant - trim advice



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