US: Botany Man creates counterfeit cannabis


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Oct 22, 2005
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South Coast Today
Monday 24 Jul 2006

GREENFIELD — Joseph White's home office is like a modern-day hippie hangout.
Books on Buddhism and yoga mingle with business planners and a laptop
computer. An acoustic guitar rests next to a shuffle of sheet music for
"Mr. Tambourine Man," just across the room from a fax machine.
And then there are the marijuana stalks. Towering six-footers.
Pint-sized plants for personal medical use. He even has a few ripe buds
kicking around on a desk, not far from his cell phone.
His stash is for sale, but it won't get you stoned. These lifelike
botanicals are made of silk and wood.
Behold, counterfeit cannabis.
During the past two years, White — a trim 51-year-old with thinning hair
and a small stud in his left earlobe — has rolled his pro-pot activism
and business savvy into New Image Plants, a startup company that sells
the make-believe marijuana online.
"The business name reflects exactly what I'm trying to do — create a new
image for these plants," he said. "They're beautiful plants and people
should be able to enjoy them without fear of arrest."
By getting his artificial plants into private residences and public
spaces, White is betting that more people will start appreciating the
natural beauty of the real thing's jagged, seven-point leaves, lithe
stems and robust buds instead of thinking of marijuana as an evil weed.
His early customers were people looking for gag gifts, party planners in
search of unique decorations and law enforcement agencies needing
replicas for training missions.
Then Hollywood came calling, and New Image Plants hit a financial high.
In April, White received an order for 355 plants from "Weeds," the
Showtime cable television series about a single suburban soccer mom who
deals marijuana to support her family.
Julie Bolder, the show's set director, needed to concoct a grow room
stocked with what would look like $1 million worth of marijuana. She
called White after stumbling on his web site.
"I looked hard to find somebody to make us good weed, and Joe did the
best job," Bolder said. White's pot will make it's television debut
early in the show's second season, which airs in mid-August.
"All the weed you see on the show is Joe's weed," Bolder said.


Who would have ever thought you could make a living off of selling fake pot plants. :eek: I wouldn't mind getting a few just for decoration. :D Once again LL another great read. ;)


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Jan 6, 2006
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I wouldn't mind getting a few just for decoration. :D
"Officer, them there are those "fake" pot plants. I swear. I bought em off EBAY. And those are those "fake buds" too. :p


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Jun 1, 2006
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I love it I want some too, have always loved the plant. I also watch that show so I will be looking closer on that episode. It will start airing aug. 14...:cool:

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