Vape Pooh ABV (already been vaped weed) Tea , What to do with Vaped Herb?



Well Lets make a nice relaxing cup of Tea with them.
Hey Gang I do this when I collect enough ABV herb from my vaping sessions .

Do you have access to ABV material (already vaped weed)?
I use a vape and vape mostly to aprox 380degs F and save the ABV herb in a jar for making tea,
The tea is just taking a tea ball and filling it 3/4 ways and steeping the ball for a few mins in boiling hot water in cup.
I like to add honey and a touch of half and half or real milk (for Fat better absorption of THC in Liver) .
Very easy and simple to make, I believe you can also make it from decarbed flower ( in over at 240degs F for 40 mins small dime sized buds on cookie tray) Once decarbed break the buds up a bit be not crushed, then into the tea ball same as above.
Try it with a small amount and see if it works for you.
Makes me relax like taking a Valium .
My decarb numbers are different then what most know here but that is what I was taught and seems to work the best for me and others I have helped . So decarb it your way if you want, no big difference.