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What are you listening to?


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Jul 9, 2020
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I think we need another music thread...I am always interested in hearing stuff I might not otherwise hear, as well as some classics and guilty pleasures. :D

No live links please. If you want to post the whole link without changing tt to xx then make sure you uncheck the second box under Miscellaneous Options for Automatically parse links in text. It keeps the link from being live.

I just discovered the band WolfMother. They are from Australia and they kick serious butt. If you like 70's hard rock you should give them a listen. They are a newer band that plays retro rock, and they do it well. Led Zeppelin meets Black Sabbath and Deep Purple.

This is New Moon rising>>>>

This is Love Train>>>
If you like WolfMother then you should also check out a band called The Saints. Also from Australia, and i would bet dollars to donuts that WolfMother would say that The Sainta were a major influence. There first two albums are amazing.

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