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Jul 10, 2006
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Im New At This Just Got A Bucket O Dirt An Some Bag Seed.
I Am Usein A 20gal Blue Bucket With Some Garden Scape Soil Used About 10 11 8lbs Bags Of Soil An Its About Half Full How Much Is To Much Given The Size Of The Bucket It 21 1/2'' In Diam. An 17'' High. I **** At Pictures Tryin To Figure Out That Too. So Yall Can See Them. I'm Using An 250w Heat Lamp Cant Read What It Says Other Than Infa-red Something Is That Ok No Clue Here Other Than They Are Growin With It I Also Just Got Some Miracle Grow From Afriend It All Purpose Mix I Think It Was 24-8-16 Used It Once Because The Leave Are Starting To Look Burnt Curling Up An They Look Bumpy Is It Because They Hungry For Nuit.or Water To Hot Burn From Lamp Unknown To Me Well Gonna Try To Take Some Pics Now Hope They Work Se Ya Soon....


Just a Dawg
Jan 6, 2006
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Well man, there looking alright, but. Time for your grow to get torn apart dude.
1. Wrong lighting. All your doing with those heat lamps is stressing the plant. Florous, High Pressure Sodium (HPS), or Metal Halide (MH) will grow weed. You can get comapct florous at wal-mart but you'll need quite a few. You need 3,000 lumens per sq. ft. of grow area minimum.
2. You need to read some guides man. Those are worth its weight in gold (or should I say herb hehehe).
Here is a link with some grow guide information. Read and read, after your done reading hit is up with things that don't make sense. Most of your first questions have been answered in the guides. So please read it will save a lot of time and typing on our part.

BTW those leaf problems are caused by the light and wrong spectrum of lighting. You need to get a few florous on them ASAP.

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