What is a good hose-end sprayer?


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Jun 1, 2021
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Caldwell, TX
I’ve been trying to find a good hose-end sprayer for years. It seems they used to work. At first you had to mix them all (I think) and then they came out with the (seemed to be convenient) ones where you pour the product in and they mix with the water as you apply the product….

However, now in the modern world……. Neither seem to work for me. I have a bucket-full of both. None work at the time. Some worked when I got them, but not for long….the problem: the product does not feed through the tube….I only get WATER.

SO, i can go with the inline feeding as I water with irrigation. But, I still need something for the foliage.
I tried posting on another forum and did not get any answers for simple hose-end sprayers. Maybe there aren’t any…..

If anyone has had problems such as mine, please post them. I’d sure like to know :).

Right now, I’m using one that dispenses, but not to the measurements needed…..just blurps it out…..so, I need help!


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