What is in your backyard?

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All of my deer are MIA. Lots of hoof prints around the feeders, but they must be coming in after dark. The last few hunting seasons have got 'em punchy. I'm not sure if the second bow season has kicked in yet.
The hens are standoffish now. Hadn’t seen them since I had a bunch of trees taken down a couple months ago. 3 of the Tom’s have been around but less frequently. The one in the birdbath has been coming around for at least 3 years. He is pretty beat up.
My collard green tree that grows year around
So far, one big brown grass puppy and an eagle. Lots of cold wind, too.

I miss seeing the herds of deer. I'm thinking that they'll be back and use the back acreage for a nursery like they've done in the past few years. It's always a delight to see the babies frolicking around like kittens.
Betcha got 'em eating outta yer hand!

I think it was Ben Franklin that wanted the turkey for our national bird, but the eagle won out.
They won’t eat out of my hand but I am hoping the hens bring their poults around this year. Probably easier to partially domesticate young ‘uns.
You started something. Just went out to the kitchen to find something to stuff in my face and out at the deer feeder there's 7 turkeys. I don't see 'em too often around here. It's cute when they get the notion to walk off, they all follow each other in a single line.

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