What it is?



hey everyone, How You Doin (In my best NY accent)

found your place because a friend of mine had some issues with The Cutting Drying and the whole process of what we/he needed to do to get everything in order so we can Die in a Couple of weeks lol
Got some of the Madnuska TF from ofcourse Up NorthWest, and have about a week to go we think, lookin and Just reeking like it should

Very Happy and we were just seeing what opinions are out there for drying and Curing, not a big Batch, bout 6- 8 Nice Little lovelies, and my god are we excited, still deciphering which are M/F, and still have a bit to learn about these Plants growing in the Eastern Humidity, although it being winter obv curtails it a bit, but hey, your site is great, nice to meet you all, Call me E, please, everyone else does lol

Sweet Digs, like the layout and like the Topic to be discussed!

Welp, Hello to you all!!


From one New Yorker to another wus up brother. :D Glad to have ya here and hope to see ya around.

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