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what organic ferts and nutes do u prefer?



solarz said:
Green sand takes a LONG time to break down. It is like with some other organic nutes that you have to mix and let break down (usually about 2 weeks) before the plants will actually be able to use it (this is if being used as a soil amendment). If you use greensand in some sort of tea, it is water soluable so it will be able to be absorbed by the plants if it is mixed into clean water and bubbled for 24-36 hrs.
True but heres the trick.

The green sand is layered at the bottom for flowering, so it will be PLENTY broken down by then!


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Apr 18, 2007
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Hey dom...i would suggest using some LK (or something similar) when "mixing" the amendments into the "soil" while letting it sit and break down. I would also continue to flip/mix the soil (with added amendments) while keeping it moist, NOT WET, w/ a liquid karma (or something similar) + h2o mix. It will speed up the breaking down process of the greensand, and any other amendments that break down over time, thus making it available for uptake by the plant by the time you are ready for transplant. That way you don't have to burry the greensand at the bottom of the pot, which would allow the roots to access the nutes it needs from the greensand and/or any amendments during any time...veg or flower. Good luck with bro

**Dom, not saying that your proposed method wouldn't be efficient...just another method/opinion to think about**



Thanks buddy, I know you didn't mean that!

The way I do my soil mix is almost the same as Subcools super soil mix.

I mix each layer individually in a seprate container before adding so its not a smooth transition, more like a deffinate "layer"

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