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Dec 22, 2005
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heres my idea...i recently flew home to visit my parents in IA. im flying back to my own home to CO on the 3rd and i had a friend offer to give me a clone and he said that i might get white widow or something mixed with NYC diesel. he said that if i wanted to i should plant it somewhere outdoors in IA out in the sticks and then he said that would give me a reason to come home and visit again in the fall so i can harvest it if it happens to grow. heres what i was wondering since im not sure how big this clone will be...(i think about it will be a rooted clone about 12-18 inches tall.) what are the chances i could cut a few clones off of that and put them between some wet towels or something and have them survive for about 12 hours until i flew home to CO so i could try to start another indoor grow..i recently decided to start another one and was planning on starting one from seed when i got back to CO anyway. i know its a long shot. ive only got dirt to put them in when i get home. but since ive never worked with clones i dont know how long they would last with only wet towels and no light. would they be ok? the question im not as worried about....how would you try to carry clones in to an airport and onto a plane? it might be a terrible idea, i did have a few beers before i thought of it! well i guess i just wanted to know what you guys and gals thought. thanks and happy grows!


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May 25, 2005
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I think planting weed outdoors and expecting to come back months later in the fall to harvest it is unrealistic. With no one to water/fertilize it I don't think it will grow.

I wouldn't bring live clones on a plane with me.

If you're gonna grow indoors FIRST read a grow book THEN construct a growroom. Then you can think about clones.

However, I recommend bag seeds for a person's first grow. You will make mistakes and bag seed are usually hearty and more forgiving.

The best way to transport seeds is 1 day/overnight Fed-Ex. The shipper takes slips (fesh-cut clones) and makes bundles of 3 or 4 slips.
Wrap a moist paper towel around the stems and put the whole kit n kaboodle in a large baggie. Put this in a box, put gift wrap on it lke a birthdays present, seal it and put it inside another box with wadded up newpaper so it looks innocent.
The shipper should use a real name and adress but not his. In otherwords don't have the return address read "Joe Cool 420 Zig Zag Lane", but something more like "Steve Brown 2645 Oak St."

I've recieved lots of clones this way.

Growing from clones this way is tricky. You'll need clong equip (Olivia's gel, tray and dome)--much better to get your "feet wet" by growing your first crop or 2 from seeds.


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Mar 22, 2006
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i don't think u should try bring anything marijuana related to the airport. IMO i don't think that clone WW or NYC diesel is worth jail time. Sorry bro, but nice try. I would like some WW too.

wow gangja, i never thought of that ever!. thats really interesting.

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