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Sep 10, 2008
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theres like 200 little white flys on my plant what r the? and can they chew holes in my leaves cuz i got that


Well ironically enough you have the white fly infestation. These bastards are pretty annoying but its nothing you cant take care of with a few items. Pyritheum seems to be the most common form of pest control however alot of growers like more natural approaches. For flys you can always put up fly strips in your grow room and fly stickies that go on the top of your soil.

The thing is they will lay eggs so you have to kill all the larvae as well.
This can be done with a tobacco or pepper spray. Some people also use a lightly soapy warm water mix with neem oil and saturate their plants. This I would be extremely careful doing as the oil can burn your plant due to the lights.

DO NOT EVER spray any thing onto your buds. People say you can spray the tobacco and pepper spray all the way through harvest but if you dont smoke cigarettes then you wont like the added nicotine on your buds and also too much nicotine be lethal and in very small amounts, and the pepper spray just doesnt seem logical for something thats supposed to be a smooth fruity/earthy/aromatic herb.

Look up White Flys on growers forums and see what people are using nowadays.

You can usually put a few hundred ladybugs on your grow room if you can contain them, they are predatorial insects and kill pests like white flies and aphids.

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