Wifes Cancer






Guys I just wanted to let everyone that has stood beside me thru this process, that my Wife just got the results of this last biopsy. She is now Cancer FREE. What a great fking Christmas Present. She has been thru so much and I was so scared when they found this last spot I wanted to beat my own ass to feel better. They had already told her that if it came back positive, she could not take any more Radiation and that she would have to have Vulvar surgery which could have left her wearing a pee bag for the rest of her life. So needless to say, we have been beside ourselves waiting on this last Biopsy result. It was scar tissue from the radiation.
Anyway, thanks Brothers for being there for me and my Wife Crissy.

After a 9 year cancer fight with my late Marine husband, I salute you and wife. It is beatable. My dear friend beat breast cancer and has been cancer free for 10 years!

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