wilting when in sunlight


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Jun 12, 2014
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ok my plants are about a month and a half old. They have been out side in large peat pots for about 4 weeks and doing great untill we got a massive amount of rain for 2 weeks straight. They only got poored on once before I started covering them up when I rained with a see through tarp. Even though they only got wet once they were conpletley drowned. So I put new soil around the peat pots to help dryly them out. This seemed to work. All the plants are fine and doing good except one. I have it in a separate place closer to my location so I can keep an eye on it and if it rains again tonight like it is suppose to then I can put it up. I have been keeping it in a building at night and then I put it out in the morning. The plant looks pretty decent when I go out to get it in the mornings its not wilted or any thing but when I come back later to put it back up its wilted and looks dead. It does this every day for the past week. I figured the sun would make it feel better not worse. Any reason for this? They do have a nitrogen issue do to all the water they got and not getting enough air so I'm fixing to get a good fertilizer for them.:vap-leafy_wave:


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Mar 27, 2011
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It sounds like that one is drying out too much in the sun, but you would see that and have to water it daily. It could be that it is getting too hot. I would try putting it out in the shade(not deep shade) and see if it does any different. Then try a location where it gets morning sun for only a couple hours before being shaded again and see how it does with that. :)


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Jun 27, 2014
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I would spray it with some type of fungicide... it might be more sensitive to infection than the others!

and possibly not rebounding... how do the roots look.. are they white or brown?

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