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Great Spirit

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Jan 14, 2007
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Ok I have been planning to grow the LowRyder 2 strain this summer. I will more then likely grow outdoors because its a 1000 x safer on my end plus I will get a MUCH bigger yield if it is grown outside. I am still looking for a great spot.

However...could I grow them and put some plants on the windowsill or by it?? Would they grow ok? I was going to put it near my bed because no one would see it until it fully matured and it would get direct sunlight.

Very good chance that I am just going to grow all of the seeds outside except for one that I will do indoors with a small pot and put it near the bed with light hitting it.


Father Nature
Dec 21, 2006
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It can be done but it won't be pretty. The more light you use the more it will grow. By the window it won't get much light compared to being outside or under a growlight. Last time I grew my house was getting inspected so I dropped off one of my plants at my Dad's house and he grew it by the window. The buds were see-through and the plant was very stringy.

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