Winning Soil Recipes Experienced Growers Needed!!


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May 10, 2006
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Hello All. New To The Board And New To The Art Of Cultivation. I Have Read So Many Different Posts About What To Put In That I Am Completely Comfused. I Have Read The Following Can Be Used:

Bat Guano
Sea Kelp
Kelp Meal
Bone Meal
Potting Soil
Peat Moss
Chopped Up Styrofoam
Worm Castings
And On And On

I Just Want To Kiss(keep It Simple Stupid). I Would Like A Breakdown Of Someone's Recipes That Have Worked For Them!!!! Let Me Know How You Do It And If It Involves Yard Soil I Appreciate It, But I Am In The City. Let's Hear What You Have Done And What Works. Thanks.


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May 25, 2005
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Mixing up you own is time consuming, takes up a lot of space, and expensive.

And then hit-and-miss.

First you should read a grow book to find out what each component does. I'm not sure of the exact ratio's but for organics you start with a base of compost Then you add amendents--Hi-N guano that also contains a bit of P and K, worm castings (worm sh!t), seaweed/kelp for micro-nutrients, lime to act as a buffer (mellows out pH), perlite for aeration, vermiculite for water retention. I'd leave out the bone and blood meal--animals tend to dig it up.
(p.s. you don't need sand, peat moss or cut-up styrofoam)

Or you can buy potting soils that have all of those already mixed, in the correct amt's, ready-to-go.
They're expensive (Fox Farms Ocean And Forest is made just a few miles away yet it costs $10.00 per 1.5 cubic foot sack) and the further you are from N. Calif. the more Fox Farms is (the added expense is due to shipping costs--potting soil weighs A LOT). There is another local brand called Power Flower that's identical to Fox Farms.
Go to the largest nursery in your area and look for locally-made brands that have all those goodies I mentioned.
If you use one of the good ones like I mentioned, you won't have to add any nutrients at all during the first 6 weeks--just water.
After that, when you notice a loss of that bright green color, add chicken sh!t tea to the water, and once the plants begin to flower, use High-P bat or bird guano.

But like I said you should first read to find out what nutrients the plant needs, and when.

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