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Oct 19, 2019
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So I've been pressing a lot of rosin. I figured I would use some to infuse some coconut oil (liquid) for gummies. The first batch I made using decarbed flower weren't the strongest so I thought I'd amp it up this time. I had 3 large rosin blobs sitting in the freezer in parchment paper, they weighed just over 3.5 grams total. I poured a cup of oil into a mason jar and threw all 3.5 grams in with a half teaspoon of lecithin. I let this bath for 7 hours in the suis vide at 197*, burping every hour. Took it out and went to bed.

This morning I decided to try a half dropper full of the oil under my tounge, like a tincture. That was at 11am. I started slightly feeling it about 20 mins later. It gradually kept building. I think I peeked at about 4.5 mark. It's now almost 9pm and I still feel the residuals.

This stuff is dangerous!

Now I gotta decide if I want to make the gummies or just keep it as is and load up some droppers...?

I bought a cheap toaster oven today from Wallyworld - $20. I have a detached garage so I'm gonna try decarbing out there (due to smell) to see if it makes a difference in potency - decarb and infuse at the same time vs decarb the rosin before infusing into the oil. Almost everything I've read says to decard first for maximum potency. However, this suis vide craze says it's about a constant temp and time. We shall see...


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