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Apr 30, 2006
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hey not sure if this is normal or not.i am growin 1 white widow 2 northern light xbig bud and 1 indoor mix plant i got from gypsy nervana.i am in my 5thweek flower.plants are budding nicely,but the bottom fan leaves are turning yellow and falling off.i have read that that is normal but not sure i want to here from the are some pics

yellow leaves 001.jpg

yellow leaves 002.jpg

yellow leaves 003.jpg

yellow leaves 004.jpg

108 001.jpg

108 003.jpg

108 006.jpg

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Jan 6, 2006
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What ferts are you using. I do get some yellowing but it's only 5 th week of flower which seems early. Was there any nitrogen given the first few weeks of flower?
I notice if ya start bloom ferts too early, the plant always gets N deficient by the end of flower.
I use GH maxi-bloom as it does have a little nitrogen which seemed to keep the plant healthy all the way till the end. Just a good flush the last week of flower.
Aslo check your PH of the soil.
Can you take a pic without the HPS on that will stop all those lines.

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