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Dec 25, 2006
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been reading journals all day...:D

what happened with this experiment?

from a thread called 'first grow' by indochoker:

Stoney Bud said:
Yo dude, or dudette, you're gettin ahead of yourself.

Do you want fast or lots or how far in between?

Fast, you can flower that little thing right this minute. It will give you a couple of joints in about 6 weeks if you're in a hell of a hurry....you can flower it as soon as it clears the ground and gets one real node with a single sun leaf....I love experiments. I might try this one at home, kids.

Ok, I thought it over....I'll germinate one and get it to one sun leaf. Then I'll add it to my flowering crop.

I've never seen it done, but it would be interesting. You still have a minimum of 6 weeks to wait for just a couple of J's.

what happened???

Stoney Bud

sanchez said:
been reading journals all day...
what happened with this experiment?
Actually, I tried it on a large scale. Using clones from a mature plant, I rooted them in a half strength vegetative solution in an aeroponic chamber until I could see the start of new growth. I then transferred them directly into a flowering ebb and flow system and 60 days later, I had some really nice buds. I got two cured ounces from each plant. This amount was consistent for 4 plants.

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