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Sep 1, 2021
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Alicante, Spain
Let’s get your drawers full of seeds for a great year of growing ahead!

From 00:00 December 30th to 00:00 January 8th (PST), you can shop our special New Year Sale collection with up to 22% discounts. Besides that, in the same period, when you surpass 80 EUR in total, you’ll get up to three extra seeds on top of our regular bonuses.

Remember, the rest of Herbies’ deals and bonuses remain active during the New Year Sale, which makes this time even more profitable for growers. Our seeds are always fresh, so even if you aren’t planning to grow before summer, just stock up and let them wait – the seeds will remain full of life until you decide to plant.

Also, 2021 was a really nice year!

If you question yourself why do we think like this, the answer is very simple: we’ve joined Marijuana Passion family and can’t thank you all enough for your support and warm welcome here. Please receive our small present - a promo code “HAPPYNY” which gives an opportunity to get a special festive pack (5 seeds) by Delicious Seeds with every order! 💚

Enough reading for now – make sure to get the seeds that catch your eye asap before stocks run out!

And of course…

Happy New Year, everybody!
Be happy, healthy, high and spread the love 💚

With love,
Herbies Seeds