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Default Flushing?? Clearex??

I am getting ready to flush. I am 4 weeks into my flower cycle. I want to know more about flushing. I have been doing this for only a minute, I am three semi sucessful cycles into new hobbie. My first crop sucked, I diddn't flush my girls and they locked up and produced marginal flowers. The second went well, I did do a few flushes and no lockout, good out put. My third I did flush a few times as well and it went good. So the deal is I bought some clearex and I'm getting ready to flush. Do I need to flush with 5x's my pot volume when using clearex. The main ingredient in this stuff is sugar, so can I make my own flushing stuff?
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Some seem to like the Clearex, while others don't use it. I have it, but stopped using it. I simply use plain RO water when I feel a need to flush. The recommended amount of water for flushing in the case of over-fertilization is 3 times the water as there is soil. However, even for that, personally, I won't use more than one gallon of water per gallon of soil. It just seems like a ridiculous amount of water to me. Recently, in fact, I flushed because I had over-nuted a bit, and it was on gallon of water per gallon of soil; I used no Clearex, and the plants look great. That solved the problem. You on the other hand, aren't flushing because of over-nuting, so in my opinion, using one gallon of water per gallon of soil should work just fine.
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