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    So we can trade now huh?

    Your as confused as me huh?...I see threads where sharing is ok???
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    So we can trade now huh?

    in those rules it also states 1. This is the most simple of rules. There are filters in place to block the usage of many words that are considered to be unacceptable in polite conversation. If you notice that a word you've typed is replaced by...
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    So we can trade now huh?

    thanks...where did ya see this?....there use to be a link in tool Bar...Like every other site I go to..
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    So we can trade now huh?

    Not Drunk yet...I'm spelling good :p Hmm ... what about this thread? everyone the Popo here had to have read it...Maybe its just me that can read?.... post #10..and than confirmed in #16...even you posted in the...
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    So we can trade now huh?

    Ive read a few posts now where they say they gifting and or trades...and All most every Mod/Admin read the same posts?...So I see we can trade now???
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    Been a while, checking in.

    you havent checked a Pot shop out yet?...Ours here in WA is to open in June...I too have plenty of smoke but still want to have the experience ....I read that Colo sales tax for the first Month was over $2million....That alone will catch other states ears.... Happy Happy Happy :48:
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    Bhc: Bong-hitters Club

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    Can we please talk sports now?

    Ah 7Green....the regular season hasnt started yet...I doont give up on them until the 3rd series ...:p
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    take care and be safe
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    My plants.

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    Stativa Plant Extreme Crazy Growth + Automatic Revegging

    Not sure why we cant click picture for a closer look....That plant is showing reveg..only take a few days of the ceiling light to be on to make this happen....My question is....Are those seed pods I see???...could this have Hermed?....sure wish I could enlarge the pics.. :48:
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    Most humongous plant you have seen/grown

    Old thread..... Purple Frosting is a cross I made in 2008.... My Largest to date was a Purple Bud that was a tad over 16'..and yielded 6lbs...No more Huge plants for me...This year will be more training ...
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    Where (what state) is the good stufff?

    In my Shed....:D
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    OT: What does this hand gesture mean?

    I would say its "Rock on" or if they wiggleing the hand means.."Hang Loose"