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    Thank you Orangesunshine!!!

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    Can we please talk sports now?

    Ah 7Green....the regular season hasnt started yet...I doont give up on them until the 3rd series ...:p
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    take care and be safe
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    My plants.

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    Stativa Plant Extreme Crazy Growth + Automatic Revegging

    Not sure why we cant click picture for a closer look....That plant is showing reveg..only take a few days of the ceiling light to be on to make this happen....My question is....Are those seed pods I see???...could this have Hermed?....sure wish I could enlarge the pics.. :48:
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    Most humongous plant you have seen/grown

    Old thread..... Purple Frosting is a cross I made in 2008.... My Largest to date was a Purple Bud that was a tad over 16'..and yielded 6lbs...No more Huge plants for me...This year will be more training ...
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    Can we please talk sports now?

    Go Mariners....The Yankies Suck:p
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    Thanks my friend....Credit goes to umbra as he made the seed...I just grew it out .... As for your Question I have used those fabric bags with good results...I would recommend that you wash them first to rid them of the inks and dye from them first....just my thoughts take care and be safe
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    hash oil

    :rofl: Mommas pc
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    hash oil

    American Dank :48:
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    hash oil

    Ninja Style :rofl: I dont have to say a word.....I just flip them the Bird..and keep going...
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    hash oil

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    Crime Dog Busted

    HOUSTON – A Houston man who once portrayed McGruff the Crime Dog has shown his commitment to crime fighting apparently wasn't very deep. John R. Morales was sentenced this week to 16 years and three months in federal prison on drug and weapons charges after police found more than 1,000...