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Aug 22, 2017
    1. Rosebud
      Just wanted to say hi AM.. how you doing? I hope you are well. rose
    2. Beta-caryophyllene
    3. oldfogey8
      i tinker. i can't help it. i think i am going to change up my nutes this go round. i posed the question about changing the flavor of my buds since every strain i have grown has had very similar flavors. the consensus is that it is genetics based. since i am going to be growing the buckeye stuff and i have never grown it before, if i get the flavor i am aiming for i wont know if it is nature or nurture. but as i said, i like to tinker...
    4. oldfogey8
      thanks a.m. hope the migraines stay away. i get them myself from time to time and they suck.

      i have never gotten vary much stretch at all in my three grows, even with the sativa heavy thai. i am not positive but i have read that the 10000 kelvin bulbs can make plants more compact. since i have not tried using 6500 kelvin bulbs to compare, i don't have a good frame of reference.

      i have all kinds of thoughts of changing this or that but i will probably do as you recommend and go with what i know.
    5. oldfogey8
      please read the lower message first... buzzzzzzzzzeddddddd...
    6. oldfogey8
      i am hoping to get at least on female of each plant so i am going to crack 2 of each. i'd be happy if i get 4 females but would be ok with one female of each. my question for a person i consider a master grower is how long would you veg plants in a small footprint tent like i have if the cheap bastard that is growing said plants is only going to use 4 4ft t5's supplemented with about 100 watts of cfl bulbs(about 300 total watts). i want to compare apples with apples for this grow and i am a cheap bastard(meaning i can't justify spending a couple of hundred on hps or a few hundred on leds)? i am not looking for beau coup yield. i am looking for quality. i have been doing scrog but am thinking of lst'ing and fim'ing for 4 or so big colas per plant this time out. thanks in advance and i hope this isn't an assinine question.
    7. oldfogey8
      hey am. you grow some awesome looking plants so i have a couple of questions for you if you don't mind. i am not going to upgrade my rig this go around. i grew 4 plants in a 4x4x2 ft tent when i first started out and go acceptable results(though i think i would do a lot more thinning out during veg if i go that route again) and the tent was pretty crowded. i think 4 plants is my absolute max for my setup. my conundrum is i want to sprout a couple of buckeye purples and a couple of my super buckeyes. i know my odds are probably 50-50 that i get females on any single plant and unfortunately, i had a couple of adult beverages this morning after working my night shift and i need sleep so i can't do the math.
    8. Rosebud
      Thank you AM, i did check my mail at the other place...kinda of excited here.
    9. lowrydergrower775
      Yea I am loving it man :)
    10. oldfogey8
      hey am - do you know if melvanetics will be re-stocking any of the other strains they have on firestax? looks like there will be a stampede to get the golden ticket 25 packs that will be available for the purple. i doubt i will be one of the lucky ones but it looks like their breeding gives forth beautiful plants regardless of the strain so i'd just be happy to get a pack of any of them. thx in advance...
    11. oldfogey8
      thx for the friend request
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