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    Funny YouTube

    hahahhahahahaha this is a thiiing
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    Best/strongest pot edibles and drinkables you've tried

    marijuana brownies are the best that I have tried.
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    What are you listening to?

    Please send some jazz music:( i have a musical crisis
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    What is your all time favorite Indica?

    Purple Kush is my favorite too, hahaha
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    What are you listening to?

    For now Beth Hart is perfect for me! Try listening her music. It's precious;)
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    Using cannabis to deal with cancer and other ailments.

    I tried some strains for treating migraine. It really reduces pain and helps me to overcome it.
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    What gets YOU the Highest? What's YOUR favorite piece? Come Puff Clouds!

    That's awesome!!!!:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Any difference?

    Thanks for info. I finally found the answer to my question!:p
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    About Cannabidiol (cbd)

    I can advise you some CBD products if you want. But I don't believe that you can't get addicted, 'cause it remains marijuana :cool: I think the best choice is hybrid. I used it sometimes, it works better for me. I don't feel not super energized not tired or sleepy.
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    Know famous celebs swore Medical Marijuana for Health Reason

    I read somewhere that many celebrities use cannabis for beauty care too. I know that they have photoshoped their skin in the photos, but in paparazzi photos some of them have naturally beautiful skin, and the reason can be cannabis.
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    Pepsi looks to join Coca-Cola in creating marijuana-infused drinks

    Will wait for burgers with cannabis and see competition of McDonald's and Burger King. That would be awesome:):):):)
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    my new ladies..

    greaaaat! I wan to to start growing too. Can you give me some advice how and from what to start