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    • Bexly
      Bexly replied to the thread Bex does the things.
      I normally don’t dream but a couple nights ago had a nightmare about germination. For whatever reason I had bought seeds that were sent...
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    • Bexly
      Bexly replied to the thread Bex does the things.
      - Planted 2 more clones in soil to make space for 8 newly cut Banner clones. Testing early soil on 3. - 2 Hydro tent clones doing well...
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    • Bexly
      Bexly replied to the thread Bex does the things.
      I was productively busy today! Swapped the aquarium out for a more light tight option. Killed 2 clones (1 I didn’t like the look of, 1...
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    • Bexly
      Bexly replied to the thread Bex does the things.
      They are grand! I think they’re just the bomb. I’d be down for a volcano club party anytime. Also there’s per post photo limits so...
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    • Bexly
      Bexly replied to the thread Bex does the things.
      Thanks for the warm welcomes! Yessir! I had the space so why not. Most of my days off are spent near a volcano vaporizer so I gotta...
    • Bexly
      Bexly posted the thread Bex does the things in Grow Journals.
      Just a place to gather up all the nonsense I get up to! Main room: Predator HID 1000w, added Mars Hydro 3kw panel second week July to...
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    • Bexly
      I’m pretty sure they only got cleaned after there was a problem. Holy guac - you’re right!!! That definitely was stupid of me. I hadn’t...
    • Bexly
      Yes indoor only. Probably started 2008 or 2009, took a long break in-between. I just returned to grow & the market is quite changed so...
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    • Bexly
      So I initially went through about a dozen pens that were rather cheap and easily found in most dispensaries/smoke shops. After having...
    • Bexly
      Hi all! Yet another newbie here. In a legal state. I restarted growing recently after a 6+ year absence. It is lovely to be back...
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